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I would like to keep my first name hidden. Look under 'about me' to find info.I see you found this website. I made this website so it can be viewed. I'm a cartoon fanactic and I'm only 14.I try to update my site but I am always on computer. Well now I am 15. This site is dedicated to my friends at Scona who are mostly in grade 12 and to Ritchie Junior High school. I am now heading for grade 11. I am now 16. This site is still being worked on and I come when I have time. Well, times have changed since I haven't updated my page and roleplaying in e-feds and keeping track of stuff, i am heading for grade 12 now.
The updates

mar/17/01-added pictures and links
mar/20/01-added more pictures on page 4 and 5!
mar/22/01- worked on main page and added a picture on picture page 3.worked on about me page and changed title.
mar/24/01-worked on front page.Added pictures and changed two in picture page 4. Added more in page 3.
Mar/29/01-Updated contact page and worked on links page.
April/6/01-Changed a picture on two and added a link.
April 15th-worked on picture page 3.May 2/01- Updated a pic on main page at bottom of page. Worked on photo page 3 and added pictures.
July 26th 2001- added a picture on photo page 3. Updated Home page
Jan 11th 2002- updated link page and contact page. I have now placed two pictures on photo page 3 and put a new one in the guestbook. I edited my site a bit.
Added a new page.
Updated home page
Feb 2nd 2002- added some new pages and any pictures you want to send, email me. Also give me your name so I can say that this person sent me this picture incase it is your own work.
April 12th 2002- I had added two new links of WWF.
April 27th 2002- Updated news and front page.
May 1st- updated link and front page plus guestbook.
May 22nd- I updated the front page
July 30th 2002: I added some pictures on my photo 1 page.Added a new profile on custom page 4. Did some working on the page.
August 13th 2002- I put a new picture on my guestbook. I also updated photo page 1.
Sept 4th 2002, I added my e-fed wrestling link.
Mar 15 2003- Sorry for the lack of updates but there was a fire on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton Alberta and Lt.Governer Lois Hole has cancer. I think I did update some links but can't keep track. I been sick since Sunday and now I feel a bit better. I had a virus in my stomach but first I had gasvitis. That really suck! So I will keep you updated on the news. I have added a link to Raven's unoffcial site.
July 2nd 2003- Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and Crash Holly are gone from WWE. Crash Holly was terminated from his contract. Hulk Hogan did not like the way WWE was run but he will be on smackdown for the last time on Thursday. I know smackdown records on tuesday but I don't see it till thursday. And well, Roddy Piper and WWE could not come to terms. WWE have given WWE a bad name and have lowered morals of wrestles. I am disappointed. They want Goldberg gone next.
Oct 2/04- My repescts to bossman. Added pic on page 6 I believe and I posted new link. Got rid of thing on front page.

The bad guy: Razor Ramon
This picture is not my property. This is the property of WWE. I'm a big WWE fan and I probably hope to find some RVD, Raven and HBK pictures soon.


Ice Dragon
A beautiful ice dragon. Full credit to the person that made it. No credit goes to me.
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